Santa Clara 1728

Santa Clara 1728 hotel is present in one of Lisbon's most romantic square in the old cultural quarter.

It is not like any traditional hotel. According to owner João Rodrigues, Santa Clara isn't a hotel, but a home that he's opened to the public. João Rodrigues lives on the top floor with his family, while the rest of the house is used as a hotel. This designer hotel makes you feel like a home when you are far away from home. Because of its location, many places like parks and monuments are just within walking distance.

Architecture and Design

Architect Manuel Aires Mateus has carefully redeveloped this eighteenth-century townhouse. It consists of only six large rooms and a peaceful patio garden for relaxation and reading. The house is redesigned very interestingly by giving it a modern touch while keeping the ancient side alive. Beautiful blue walls, local limestone floors, lavish bathtubs, and classical paintings make the house more enchanting and livable.

Decent furnishings, which include B&B Italia four-poster beds and Hans Wegner chairs, and traditional building materials are used to give the interior a stylish look that also feels intrinsically Portuguese.


There are two types of rooms that almost serves equal facilities:

1. Suite Santa Clara (70 square meters)

2. Suite Tejo (50 square meters)

The rooms are very comfortable and elegant. The six pretty suites are spacious and are divided into three ample living areas a bedroom, sitting rooms, and large bathrooms with lavish bathtubs, rain shower looking out in the garden, and basins made with local pink limestone.

Each room has a mini-fridge and a little espresso machine. Rooms don't have any cooling system, and large Italian style windows are used to provide good ventilation. Windows of rooms are faced towards a stunning view of river Tagus.

Food and hospitality

"In hospitality, we are closer to 'hospital' than we are to 'tourism,'" says Rodrigues (Santa Clara's owner). "Guests here are really treated like our longtime friends or family."

Visitors are treated very warmly in a home-like comfortable atmosphere. Owner Rodrigues loves to guide his guests about the best places in Lisbon. In Santa Clara 1728, you'll find Wi-Fi connection, room service, and laundry but business corners and gyms are not present because it is designed more like a home than a hotel.

There is a dining room on the ground floor that contains a long oak table so that families can sit together and talk. Twenty people can sit at the table and have breakfast and light lunches. Dinner service is not available yet. Freshly home prepared and healthy breakfast is served from 7 am-12 pm, and there are two options offered, you can get granola with natural curd or mashed avocado and fried eggs with asparagus. Additionally, guests are served with tea at 5 pm with homemade scones, strawberries, and a traditional orange cake. Guests can enjoy their tea and coffee from the lounge to the garden or anywhere in the house.

Cost Effective

A night's stay for suite Santa Clara costs 380 Euros, including breakfast, tea, coffee, snacks, and Wi-Fi.