New Works

In 2015, Nikolaj Meier and Knut Bendik Humlevik decided to create “a design house where design comes to life with care and intent, and where there is room for creative experiments — a place for new works”. And that is also the name that they gave to the new brand –New works.

While Nikolaj Meier juggles numbers and daily operations as CEO, Knut Bendik Humlevik is playing with different looks and feels as Creative Director. Through their combined forces, the new brand with a new name was established in Copenhagen – New works.
new worksnew works
The studio’s design brings homage to the strong Scandinavian history of craftsmanship and materiality, whilst challenging the contemporary forms of today.

The designs are made in collaboration with an international group of renowned designers and artists that through their experience create sculptural forms with honest materials. A great inspiration in the brand’s work was brought by these artists and craftsmen. The identity of New Works was created through them.
new worksnew works
As the Creative Director Knut Bendik Humlevik declares, the brand was born from the idea of “challenging the commercial Scandinavian design industry, by adding a more unpolished feeling.” This vision has materialised in 4 fundamental concepts that can be summarised in 4 simple words: natural, experimental, tactility and craftsmanship.

Through them, New Works succeeded to create new and unique designs that can pass the test of time. For all their pieces, the brand uses only natural materials, like marble and wood, while honouring the individual qualities of each and one of them.
new worksnew works
Through the international team of designers, artists and manufacturers, New Works like to experiment with creating new forms, materials and textures with a special for the details. The final goal of this experiments is to provide a new vocabulary for contemporary art and design.

The tactile feature of the materials should be the one that completes any design. Therefore, the roughness of the material should be preserved and put into the light to create an impressive effect.

The same international team of designers, artists and manufacturers are influencing the various techniques that New Works uses to create the designs that allow the pieces to push the boundaries of material and form.
new works
In New Work’s collection, one can find a variety of interior design objects and furnishing, such as chairs, tables, lounge chairs, couches and shelves. Besides this, they also design stunning lighting devices or other small decorative objects with sleek, minimalistic lines that can be the statement piece in any room.

Their newest collection that was launched this spring features a new edition of the Kizu Table Lamp and Florence Coffee and Side Table.
new works
The iconic table lamp designed by Lars Tornøe received a new base made out of marble in a soothing blend of grey tones. The new combination creates a contrast between the smooth shimmering surface of Gris du Marais and the clean white upper part of the lamp. The final image of the Kizu Table Lamp creates an intriguing modern sculpture. The same material, Gris du Marais marble is used to create a new Florence Coffee and Side Table, an already timeless piece from the collection. Together they form a perfect and subtle centrepiece for the soft seating area.