Zwiesel Glas

Glass was always a fascinating material, made only with common natural resources but with infinite possibilities. Nowadays, glass seems more like usual matter that can be found everywhere, but for some, glass is still a statement, a piece of art. The later is how one should approach Zwiesel Glas.

History and evolution

The brand and company take the name from Zwiesel, the so called "glass city", located in the Bavarian forests. It is a glassmaking German brand, founded in 1872 which now has approximately 620 employers and a strong vision for the future.
Zwiesel Glas
Glassmaking in Zwiesel has a 600 years tradition, and Zwiesel Glas was born through following and innovating old techniques. It was first founded by Anton Müller as a small sheet glass works, and since then it became one of the leading international glass specialists. Even so, the brand still focuses on the craftsmanship and special techniques of glassmaking, especially in the handmade series.

Right now, the brand is owned by Zwiesel Kristallglas AG. Since 2020, the two branches, Zwiesel 1872 and Schott Zwiesel merged into ZWIESEL GLAS. It became an umbrella brand that encompasses the whole tradition and craftsmanship. Under this form, with a tradition of almost 150 years in glassmaking, the brand continues to model glass for the greatest experience at high standards.
Zwiesel Glas
The products

The nowadays products can be found in all shapes and sizes, machine-made, or traditional handcrafted, which makes them even more aesthetically pleasing.

The most important feature, apart from the clean and artistic look, is the sound. As some of the craftsman say, the products can be recognised by their sound. An audible crafted quality of the special crystal glass transcends the utilitarian provenance into music.
Zwiesel Glas
One can find glasses for every refined taste, inspired by past and present times: GLAMOROUS series is inspired by the '20 and by the Art Deco design and lifestyle, by including an elegant black stem with clear forms and cuts, while SHADOW series are perfect for contemporary design by using a unique interplay of light and shadow.

Materials and sustainability

Promoting conscious and special products with respect for both their clients and the world, Zwiesel Glas considers it's impact on the environment. Glass manufacturing, even perfected over time, still uses the same natural materials.
Zwiesel Glas
Promoting sustainable practices, Zwiesel Glas uses as much as possible local resources and materials in it's manufacturing process. The use of recycled materials, such as spare glass from their own production to reduce waste is one of practice’s ways to insure a sustainable future.

Usually, in a glass manufacturing plant, a lot of energy is consumed by the melting glass process, which needs high temperature. To reduce energy consumption, an entire sustainable system was developed including a closed cooling water circuit with heat recovery technology, filter systems, UV and laser technologies. Also the oxyfuel technology reduces carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions enabling the use of up to 30% less energy in production compared to conventional gas-heated glass melting furnaces.
Zwiesel Glas
Balancing the tradition with nowadays innovations Zwiesel Glas creates a timeless design that speaks about the possibilities of glass and even more than that, it creates moments and memories.