Kristina Krogh

Kristina Krogh is a young Danish graphic designer and visual artist that lives and works in Copenhagen. She creates artworks that embody different materials and textures and their relationship with light.

Her images combine marble, cork, wood and paper with flashes of metallic sheen. All these create dreamy imaginary with unusual shape formations, geometric and aesthetic lines and clean patterns. Besides her art imaginary, she also creates everyday objects for interior design that feature the same characteristics.
Kristina KroghKristina Krogh
Kristina Krogh graduated from the Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication. One year after her graduation, in 2012, she founded her first studio in Copenhagen, Kristina Krogh Studio. Before this, she worked as a freelance graphic designer for five years.

Inspiration and techniques

As she claims in an interview for a Danish online magazine, she is inspired by everything around her: "It can be a beautiful colour combination on a building, a pattern on a vintage vase or old floor tiles from a church among many other things." Different patterns, materials, surfaces and textures from the surrounding environment play an important role in her work. Also, she uses her knowledge and experience in graphic design to create minimalist work arts.
Kristina KroghKristina Krogh
Her techniques are varied, depending on the wanted final image and effect. Some of her prints are made entirely using paint, pencils or coloured pens and others are a collection of different textures and patterns.

Kristina Krogh's pieces are a combination of dynamic and graphic rhythms, enhancing the interplay of light and shadow with different materials and finishes presented in geometric compositions.


Kristina Krogh's work is characterized by sleek lines, geometric and minimalistic shapes that have their roots in graphic design. Her first collections were represented by a simple, graphical language with combined colours and contrast to create texture and depth. For example,
Kristina KroghKristina Krogh
For the spring 2017 collection, Kristina Krogh also launched two objects - the Stair Mirror and Desk Organiser. Through them, she wanted to create pieces that pass the test of time, while remaining elegant and luxurious with sculptural expression. As well as her paintings, the objects are based on geometric shapes and they are made from long-lasting materials like brass, stainless steel and wood. They represent the same dreamy manner of creating inspiring lines and geometries that can decorate the interior of one's home.

Even so, in her latest collection, she seemed more eager to experiment with texture and organic shapes that merely create space on the canvas. The paintings have a very architectural feeling given by the fluid texture. The pieces draw the viewer closer to observe all the curves, specific lines, texture and rich patterns. She uses plaster and paint on a wood canvas to create the 3D forms that offer a light and shadow spectacle on the canvas. The colour palette is minimalistic, with prevalent white tones, but the collection also has dark blue, grey or beige pieces.
Kristina Krogh
Her minimalistic approach to design and art offer a wide range of possibilities with geometric scenery, rich, full lines and unique perspectives that catch and impress the eye.