Redefining your home office

Almost everyone has to bring work home, sometimes, whether that be a pile of paperwork or files on a laptop.

If you're someone who works from home, then the importance of a dedicated spot for your home office significantly increases. Your home office can also work as an area where your kids can sit and concentrate on their homework. Whatever your requirements, the chances are that you need a home office. It is a place that should inspire the flow of creativity and allow you to get down to business. A dedicated area for work in your home helps you set aside household distractions and focus on work.

Redefining Your Home Office

A smartly designed home office seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics and makes sure that your productivity does not get affected just because you are working from home. It can have a style of its own, yet subtly connected with the ambiance of the surrounding rooms.

Your space should inspire you and reflect your unique personality. Frugal use of bright colors and minimal decor are the essentials to get your desired look. Sleek floating shelves, desks that consume little space and acrylic chairs can turn even the smallest place into a workspace that is both exciting and functional.

Redefining Your Home Office

Read on for tips for creating a beautiful and practical home office design:

1) Adding nature

Humans have an inherent desire to be connected with nature. Try to make a home office that is practical, comfortable, ergonomic, and simple. If your office is designed by keeping these things in mind, you surely want to spend more time there. Adding beautiful yet easy to maintain plants will help you feel calm, and they will also clean the air of your work area.

2) Be artistic

Decorate your workspace with paintings and images that connect with you instantly. Even if you're engaged with numbers all day, design your office with electrifying and vibrant art to make you feel motivated. It is proven through researches that art in the workplace can improve your productivity by reducing stress.

3) Rug up

Ground your space with a colorful area rug for visual appeal and sound absorption. Selecting the color of your rug depends on your personal taste and color palette used in the room. If you have patterned or upholstered furniture in your room, typically, you will go with solid color rugs, and if you have mostly solid colors in your office, vivid and lively colored rugs are used to add character in the room.

Redefining Your Home Office

A floor rug can warm up the room, both literally and metaphorically. Keep the furniture simple to make the rug more prominent.

4) Lighting your space

Poor lighting design of your home office can be a turn-off and can affect your mood and vision in the long run. Natural light can give you a feeling of spaciousness, which is always a plus in a small space. It also makes you feel more lively. A trick here is to position your workstation in the south or north direction, to avoid the shadow created by natural light during any time of the day.

Redefining Your Home Office

If there is a problem of sufficient natural light in your dedicated spot, then artificial lighting comes into the picture. Think of lighting the room as a layered effort where the natural and ambient light makes the base; the task lighting provides functionality, and accent lighting puts the sparkle on top of all.

5) Make it comfortable

Make your office spot welcoming, but not too cozy that the moment you come in, you feel like taking a nap. Neutral-colored walls combined with wood flooring, plants, and some kind of textile, like blankets or throw pillows create a simple yet cozy, working space.

Redefining Your Home Office

6) Keep it clean

Organizing your space is a must; a clear and clutter-free room enhances your working performance. Use all your space efficiently, by adding cabinets with varying types of wall hanging and storages and a pinboard to help organize supplies that might otherwise end up shoved in a drawer.


When designing your new workspace, spend your money and energies wisely on one or two really innovative items and think about quality before quantity. With the right blend of artificial and natural lighting, some potted flora to purify the air, and your favorite wall art pieces or miniature sculptures for shelves, you can easily convert even the smallest space into your dream office.