3DaysofDesign; The designer’s meet-up

3 days of design is Denmark’s annual design event that takes place in Copenhagen in the month of May.

It first took place in 2012 as a small event held by a handful of companies in Pakhus 48, Copenhagen. The sole purpose of running the event was to promote global awareness of the Danish design scene and ensure Copenhagen’s status as an international design capital.

3DaysofDesign; The designer’s meet-up

The event, which is spread out across the city in 97 locations, has a rich agenda featuring events, presentations, workshops, and design talks addressed to a large number of design enthusiasts and design professionals operating in Copenhagen. The design event brings buyers, design nerds, and journalists from all over the world to Copenhagen, to experience a new look at the design presented. Showrooms are open all over the town. Copenhagen’s top workshops, design studios, embassies, showrooms, and private spaces open their doors for design fueled three days.

3DaysofDesign; The designer’s meet-up

3 days of design is more than a simple design show. The designers, architects, artists, and business owners truly share their passion for design and love for Copenhagen. Interest in the event is growing internationally and is becoming an ideal meeting point to network.

It displays minimal Scandinavian style in abundance; exhibitors range from small, innovative start-ups to world-renowned brands. All of them are versatile, with their own brand universe and offerings. Together they represent the best of the best from Denmark and the international design scene. The multitude of previews, product launches, exhibitions, design talks and workshops, spread across the city during the three days of the festival; designers, architects, industry buyers, journalists, and Scandi design lovers will all be flocking to the scenic city for their dose of cool, modern Nordic design. Transport facility to the different venues is covered in the ticket price, so guests can attend every part of the program they want.

3DaysofDesign; The designer’s meet-up

Importance of the event for the design community:

It makes the process of inspiration easy.

It provides a place for a number of companies to display at the same time.

Give media coverage to smaller and well-established companies.

Designers and artists from different regions of the world can meet and share their creative thoughts.

3DaysofDesign; The designer’s meet-up

Increasing Popularity

It has become a successful event that, over the years, has attracted a growing number of Danish and international design professionals; the number of visitors has also increased enormously, which is a testimony to the fact that the 3daysofdesign event has unmistakably gained international importance. The concept has proven successful through its compact program with a relaxed and always very positive atmosphere.