Aether Eyewear

Create your own ambience

Aether is a newly launched brand that specializes in audio eyewear, an innovative wearable gadget that will soon be the next big thing in technology novelties.

Audio glasses are a rather new gadget on the market. They are wearable device with integrated Bluetooth technology used for listening to music or any audio file. They can also have a microphone technology that enables phone calls or voice assistance.Aether EyewearAether EyewearMISSION AND CONCEPT

Aether eyewear brand is the result of a shared ambition of an international team with different experiences in product design, innovative technologies, brand development and creative direction.

They combine well-made design and innovative sound technology to pioneer new listening experiences through already existing everyday objects. The glasses are already there. Some people wear optical glasses and probably everyone wears sunglasses. Integrating technology was the next natural step in the contemporary attitude towards making life easier.Aether EyewearAether EyewearThe guiding principles of the design - essentialism and function - and merging the European and Asian influence of the multicultural team create distinct styles that are fresh yet timeless.

"To pioneer distinctive eyewear integrated with open-ear audio technology that invites you to create your own ambience." It is all about making life better.Aether EyewearAether EyewearDESIGN

The biggest design challenge in the audio glasses market is integrated all the audio technology into wearable and aesthetically pleasing eyewear. The materials used for the frame is high-quality acetate, produced by the Italian renowned manufacturer Mazzucchelli 1849. The manufacturing process implies a 25-step process where the material is mechanically cut and hand-finished. The nylon-injected temples are fixed to the acetate frames with a special hinge made for everyday wear. The finished glasses weigh less than 40 grams.Aether EyewearThe lenses used for Aether glasses are made by Carl Zeiss Vision, a renowned market leader in the field of high-quality lenses and optics. They are carefully designed and produced to be UV-protected, anti-reflective, fog- and scratch-resistant lenses.

The first collection that was just launched this year features five distinctive models available in 3 colour options, like sunglasses or optical glasses.Aether EyewearTECHNOLOGY

Aether eyewear brand is pioneering a new kind of glasses where technology is combining with design to create an innovative concept.

The eye-catching design includes industry-leading Bluetooth® 5.1 and Qualcomm aptX™ technology with compact speakers included in each temple that provide a clear and crisp sound superior audibility.
Aether EyewearAether EyewearThis type of eyewear includes open ear audio technology. It means that a small set of directional speakers are placed inside the eyewear's frame at the temples. The speakers are designed to emit sounds towards the ears. The technology also proposes a new type of hands-free phone calls by integrating microphones into the glasses' frame. Another feature is the voice assist function - by long pressing for 3 seconds on the right temple one can easily call Siri or Alexa.

It also features adaptive audio profiling that adapts to the environment while enhancing directional sound while still minimising the background noise and offers discretion when on a call.
Aether EyewearAether EyewearFor charging the glasses, the designers proposed a compact aluminium case with a magnetic closure and a brushed matte finish with polished bezels. It charges the eyewear in less than an hour.

Through Aether eyewear, a new and fresh style is emerging and its main goal is to improve everyday life.

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