101 Copenhagen

Scandinavian design pieces are usually described as monochromatic forms with simple, yet elegant lines and a special approach to materiality. What makes each piece unique thought is a deep understanding of how can heritage and culture be used in creating a timeless, strong design. This approach can be found in the vision and each design created with passion by 101 Copenhagen.

101 Copenhagen is a Danish brand that designs and creates lighting and accessories for interior design with a strong influence from the Scandinavian way of living. The brand creates products that serve everyday purposes while also decorate the interiors with clear cuts and organic lines. The designs include lighting, ceramics, furniture, dinnerware and other accessories characterized by functionality, innovation and timeless creations.
101 CphTheir design concept can be characterized by a continuously trip through different culture - the Scandinavian and the Japanese culture - while also combining them in new forms and lines.

The team

The brand was founded in 2017 by Tommy Hyldahl, a dutch designer with a background in fashion. His approach to design is based on analyzing details and references from different historical design periods and combining them to create fresh designs. His creations are characterized by layers of history and materials that tell an original story.
101 Cph101 CphSince the beginning, besides Tommy Hyldahl, the creative team of 101 Copenhagen also includes Kristian Sofus Hansen and Nicolaj Nøddesbo, two young dutch designers with different expertise in the design world. Their experience brings new sources of inspirations, as the products designed are characterized by both the Scandinavian and the Japanese approach to minimalism. Kristian's background as living and working in Japan allows him to understand and experiment with different details and concepts to achieve a characteristic signature to design. At the same time, Nicolaj's experience with architecture drives him to achieve innovation of design and functionality.

Vision and Inspiration

Their vision is guided by constant innovation of the minimalist concept and combining the specific aesthetics of the materials with well-thought details into timeless forms and designs. The creative process that creates unique and timeless pieces is holistic and is characterized by freedom of expression.
101 Cph101 CphThe final products are characterized by organic forms that also radiate sobriety and a feeling of calm and serenity. They all have a final sculptural look that gives away the main goal of the brand: to create designs that pass the test of time.

The materials used, such as concrete, wood or copper create simple shapes with a strong personality. Tactility is another important characteristic of the designs that stimulate all the senses.
101 Cph101 CphThe colour palette mostly consists of neutral hues characteristic to both Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics and it is usually provided by the material used. The resulted forms and specific designs can find their place in any interior, while still standing out.

Most importantly, 101 Copenhagen creates pieces of interior design that tell further the story of design history, by combining different symbols and references into new timeless forms.