Hein Studio

Improve life and withstand the test of time

Creating well-made pieces with a durable and functional design for the interior has always been a continuous task for many brands. Hein Studio's vision addresses the problem of “extending the life of things that we surround ourselves with”. This is the most important contribution that we as individuals can make to reduce our footprint on the environment.

Hein Studio is an interior design studio and lifestyle brand based in Copenhagen. The brand specializes in creating a Nordic high-quality design for more meaningful everyday living.
hein studiohein studioThe mastermind behind Hein Studio is the Danish creative director, designer and artist, Rebeca Hein. As the creative mind behind the brand, her influences are varied and are based on her previous experience as a fashion designer and on natural elements. The creative process “is really about taking something from nature and bringing it to the city in a way of trying to give people both.”


Hein Studio’s design is inspired by diversity, contemporary art and architecture with roots in aesthetic beauty. Hein Studio uses several creative elements such as the contrast in different materials and colours, the diversity of organic and minimalistic shapes that create a very unique but timeless design.

The studio’s vision as a brand is to bring new and positive changes to the interior design industry. To do that, they emphasize the importance of well-made, beautiful and useful everyday objects that can be a part of anyone’s home and stand the test of time.
hein studiohein studio
Their goal is to inspire a more sustainable lifestyle with well-made designs and carefully picked materials. Besides this, they are also constantly considering new improved solutions for better design and packing. One basic rule is to always try to choose recycled alternatives and avoid plastic when it isn’t necessary.

All the materials are a direct effect of a strong and trusting relationship with skilled suppliers across the world. Also, all the designs have been created since the beginning in collaboration with modern manufacturers and family-owned factories in Denmark, Poland, Turkey and China.

Through good design, the value of everyday objects is increased and can help conserve resources and prevent materials from becoming waste.
hein studiohein studioProducts and design

Hein Studio’s work feature decorative objects such as vases or teapots, minimalistic wall art in the form of graphic prints, lighting fixtures, furniture and “one of a kind” art pieces. Through a new definition of expressive minimalism, Hein Studio plays with new forms and interpretation of different materials.

Meconopsis Lamp Collection is the first series of lamps from Hein Studio. The main materials used to create the aesthetic minimalism are brass, steel and onyx and the name comes from the delicate Meconopsis flower.
hein studiohein studioOstrea Glass Vase brings a glimpse of the sea in every home. An organic collection of small objects, it consists of handmade vases that are manufactured through the mouthblown technique. This gives them a unique colour and shape, created to beautify, ease and calm everyday living.

Developing and manufacturing products that will continue to be useful and meaningful for many years should be the most important mission of any brand. By embracing the idea of ageing, the designs should incorporate the natural signs of ageing and celebrate them as something beautiful.