Functional, modern and simple porcelains

The everyday products are extremely important, because their quality directly impacts their use, an idea that should be emphasized more. One needs functional pieces that with the proper care can pass the test of time. Nowadays sustainable concepts support the idea of slow-made products and well-thought designs.

KleoCo is a Turkish brand based in Antalya that specializes in porcelains & ceramics products made for simple and modern living. Since its founding in 2012, they are continuously designing functional, modern and minimalistic products.
KleoCo Ceramic Porcelain KleoCo Ceramic Porcelain
“You can think of it as a piece of rock sitting in nature giving you that sense of belonging and stillness. That is the feeling we would like our products to convey when you hold them.” This is how Murat Atasever, the creative director at KleoCo, best describes their unique vision. It is not only a concept for their products but a concept for how one should approach life itself.

In a contemporary world that is mostly characterized by fast and dynamic changes, we all need to pause and breathe and maybe try to take things easier. KleoCo is an impulse, an urge for slower and more mindful lives and, why not, giving up to the fast pace everyday life.
KleoCo Ceramic Porcelain KleoCo Ceramic Porcelain
All their products are handmade with care and vary from plates, cups, and bowls to even candles with natural scents. The main material used is clay covered with transparent glazing that accentuates the natural characteristics of the material.


The brand was born from everyday inspiration, with an accent on non-complicated things. The main inspirations for their vision and products are architecture, furniture design and unique living spaces. Besides that, another important inspiration is the Scandinavian minimalist design which combines with the rich cultural heritage of Antalya into creating the unique vision of KleoCo. From their beginning, they partnered with other brands from various areas on different projects that allowed them to constantly perfect their techniques and process.
KleoCo Ceramic Porcelain KleoCo Ceramic Porcelain
In 2018 KleoCo introduced its first collection, named Kobenhavn, after living for some time in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The collection was inspired by their experience there, and through not only the design but the textures and the feeling of materials, they want to present a unique vision of simpler living.KleoCo Ceramic Porcelain KleoCo Ceramic Porcelain


All materials used in the process are high quality and suitable for food consumption. The main material used for KleoCo’s products is clay, which is very carefully chosen not to contain any harmful materials or chemicals. The material goes through several stages during production. As production techniques, depending on the characteristics of each product, there is used wheel-turning or slip casting – two old methods used to model clay. After the material takes a solid and final shape, there is applied transparent glaze which emphasizes the natural characteristics of clay. Each piece is unique because they are handmade and it “allows you to feel a clean and sophisticated product when you hold a piece from our collection”, as Murat Atasever states. The process takes time, but the results are certainly worth it.

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