Nordiska Kök

Bringing premium bespoke kitchen design with a premium quality to the price range of mass production Nordiska Kök succeeds into attracting a very animated market’s attention.
nordiska kok 03They produce every one of their kitchens in their carpentry studio outside of Gothenburg honouring the legacy of Scandinavian design. Each customer’s needs and wishes are illustrated and arranged from scratch into becoming their own unique kitchen. With a variety of materials and an entire colour gamut at command, the options are theoretically limitless and practically well controlled onto a coherent design statement. The client is part of the entire design process towards their dream kitchen, a well thought space, carefully adapted and built around conscious choices and individualised needs.
nordiska kok 03Embracing e-commerce revolution and digitalisation, Nordiska Kök dares to renounce the physical location based business model, telling themselves apart on the market and making the price a valuable differentiator.

Instead of going to a showroom or a retailer, having staff visit you at home, with Nordiska Kök you have a one point kitchen contact where everything takes place digitally. From inspiration to dimensions to material choices to final order, you are guided through the entire process of creating your fully bespoke and entirely customised kitchen to represent and you and your needs and all this at the price of a mass produced kitchen.
nordiska kok 03To start you have to get organised: take your time to figure out how much storage you need, what features you absolutely need and what you can live without. Do you consider open shelving or do you prefer all things out of sight at their place inside cabinets.

Woden kitchens, Shaker kitchens, Minimalist kitchens, Frame kitchens

These are the main kitchen categories but don't delude yourself: the possibilities remain virtually unlimited.
nordiska kok Do you prefer natural wood veneer or pastel colours matte paint? What is your door style option: plain or shaker? Multiply this by frame options: prominent or frameless design and you can make an idea about the design process and choices you will make on the way to your personal kitchen.
nordiska kok You are not done yet: what handles do you like? Or would you prefer recessed hidden handles? Or no handles at all? Just push to open doors and drawers?

The worktop options varies from limestones to marbles to solid oak and back to terrazzo with a small or generous backsplash depending on the design intent and wall texture.
nordiska kok And so a dialogue is foreshadowed between the doors and drawers natural wood veneer or matte paint and the solid worktop stone: will it be a brilliant contrast or a subtile one?

Sink and faucets options are next - just make sure they integrate seamlessly with your design of choice: shaker and minimalist style have very distinct options.
nordiska kok Ovens, stoves, refrigerators and whine coolers form a chapter we will skip on today - hope you agree.

The interiors are the last element to determine the final price of the kitchen: the complexity and special features of interior space organisers will finally determine the total price of your dream kitchen which will serve you for many years to come.