Sustainability is a natural choice:

»The quality of design should not only be measured by the quality of materials, looks and functions – true quality is only achieved if it’s made under responsible conditions; not harming people or the planet.«
skagerak Hven Table 260

The story of Skagerak begun in 1976 in Denmark as a family-owned company focused on producing quality furniture that can stand the test of time. Their design is rooted in Scandinavian style and the use of good craftsmanship.
skagerak stool
The name

Rak means 'straight waterway' — a channel or opening of water in an otherwise ice-covered body of water. The name of the brand comes from the "Skagerakk" strait that connects Denmark to its Nordic neighbours, a strait that has been crucial in developing the region. Until the construction of the Eider Canal in 1784, Skagerakk was the only way in and out of the Baltic Sea. After the Industrial Revolution, the traffic increased and today, Skagerrak is among the busiest straits in the world.
skagerak Hammer Decanter

For more than 40 years Skagerak have been crafting a long-lasting design with a modern Nordic touch. The collection consists of indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories and lighting containing both classic pieces that have been part of the lineup for decades and new ones that have yet to write history.

Skagerak’s primary focus has always been on producing quality furniture, designed to last for generations. They develop products that will be as relevant in twenty years time as they are today with the help of international designers and by using a combination of traditional Danish woodworking and simple modern design. Their products also have a special approach to environmental sustainability, a timeless character and versatility by employing the calming and warm aesthetic of wood.

Skagerak’s goal is not to compete to be the best in the world – but becoming the best for the world. As such, joining the B-Corp movement in 2016 was a sensible thing to do. B-corps are certified ‘benefit corporations’ meeting the highest standards for social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

One important step towards a more sustainable design industry is to support responsible wood sourcing and forest management. That is why Skagerak endorse the Forest Stewardship CouncilTM by increasing the total share of FSCTM-certified wood in their production process. The management is currently working towards ensuring a 100% share of FSCTM-certified wood in coverage in production by the end of 2025.

From the idea of acting responsible comes the feature ‘Rent’ which allows one to rent any of their products for three months with the possibility to buy or to give them back at the end of this time. This practice proves the company commitment to their product unabridged lifecycle.

They take pride in building long-standing and honest relations with their designers and suppliers that share same vision: to create products crafted in high-quality materials and pure aesthetics that is produced responsibly for people and the planet.